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TMJ Treatment

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, otherwise known as its much more easily remembered shortened version TMJ, is a type of problem with the jawbone that affect far more people than you would imagine: experts believe that over ten million Americans alone could have the condition, many of them completely unknowingly. The symptoms of TMJ include facial pain, teeth grinding, terribly painful headphones, and even tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. As these types of problems can just be one off problems with patients, TMJ is often misdiagnosed as just a few of these symptoms in one person.

The causes of TMJ are varied depending on the patient, but there are two main causes that dentists see over and over again. Firstly, intense periods of stress can start off the symptoms of TMJ, and many people will put the pain down to general stress without realizing that it is actually a medical condition. Secondly, a major cause of TMJ is misaligned teeth, as they will put pressure on the wrong parts of the jawbone and often create teeth grinding in cases where there is no stress. As simple teeth grinding puts a huge amount of strain on the jawline, that exacerbates the initial problems and causes more symptoms to continue, and in some cases to get worse.

However, living with TMJ can be incredibly painful and difficult, and so the sooner that you receive a diagnosis and the care and attention that a dentist such as Dr Paige Woods can give you, the better. As every patient will be slightly different, your treatment plan will be slightly different to any other, but it should mean that you see a decrease in the pain and discomfort that you have been suffering with. That does not mean that you have to live that way, so talk to Dr Paige Woods as soon as possible and see whether there is a simple explanation to the symptoms that you are experiencing.


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Pocket Reduction Surgery (Prevention & Treatment)

If gum disease is left to continue for too long without any intervention, which is often the case in many patients because they do not even realize that they have gum disease, then eventually the bacteria will eat away at the gum itself and start to leave little pockets. Too tiny at first to be seen by the human eye, eventually these pockets will get so large that bits of food will start to get stuck in them, rotting and causing not only a horrible stench, but even more bacteria and decay, which will only accelerate the gum disease – and eventually lead to tooth decay and eventually a tooth to fall out. One easy way to prevent this from happening is to be vigilant about checking for gum disease, but if it is too late for that then you need to consider pocket reduction surgery.

Pocket reduction surgery is a very simple procedure which closes up the gaps in your gums where the pockets have developed, making sure that the gum area is completely clean of any debris or decay before they do so. When your dentist has suggested the pocket reduction surgery they will take an x-ray of your mouth and jawline to see the full extent of the damage. Some people will want to be under a local anaesthetic and some under a general: it is up to you. The surgery is undertaken as an outpatient, and although your gums will be more sensitive after the surgery, you will soon start to notice a huge difference.

For the best possible care in pocket reduction San Diego dentist Dr Paige Woods can help you. Her years of experience will quickly show in her consultation and advice, and if you decide that you want to go ahead with the pocket reduction surgery then there is no one better to take care of you and help you to improve the health of your smile.


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Patient Appreciation Party – Drone Raffle & Free Beer

We love our patients and would like to show our appreciation with a party! You, your friends and family are all welcome to join us on Thursday 5/11 at 5pm, next door to Brighton at the San Diego Brewing Company.. the beer is on us!

Hope to see you there,

Dr. Woods & The Brighton Dental Team

Gum Disease Awareness

Bacteria can live happily in our gums for a very long time, eating the sugary foods that we eat, and quite cheerful in our warm and wet mouths where bacteria can thrive. This is what causes gum disease, and as the disease progresses there will be more and more damage to your mouth because of the spread and increase in bacteria. The very beginning of gum disease is also known as gingivitis, and if caught can be treated by something as simple as a special mouth wash – but the trouble is that few people even consider that there is a chance that they could have gum disease in the first place.

Gum disease dentist San Diego specialist Dr Paige Woods sees more people than she would like each year who have had gum disease for years without even realizing it. Without swift treatment, gum disease can go undetected and undiagnosed for many months, if not years, and this can cause irreparable damage to not only the gums of the patient, but also the teeth and bone in the jawline as well. In some of the worst cases, a patient will lose a tooth completely due to the decay that has been settled in their mouths for so long.

The time to act is now, and even if you do not think that you have any chance of having gum disease, we would recommend that you have a consultation with your dentist. For huge numbers of people who do have gum disease, they have absolutely no symptoms, so unless you have seen a gum disease dentist specialist like Dr Paige Woods, you just never know. Better to have a check up and be reassured that you do not have gum disease or problems in that area, than to leave it for another year, and then find that some of your teeth are getting a little loose.


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Mini Dental Implants – What’s The Difference?

You may have seen a mention of MDI on a dental website but not really understood what it meant. MDI, or Mini Dental Implants, as they are otherwise known, do very much what they say on the tin: they are dental implants that are much smaller than the typical ones that have been used for dentists for the last decade. To learn more about mini dental implants San Diego dentist Dr Paige Woods, an expert in MDI, talked us through some of the benefits that these smaller types of dental implants can offer her patients.

Dental implants are a wonderful treatment choice, and there is nothing wrong with them, but now that technology has moved on it has enabled dentists to create dental implants that are smaller. These require less surgery to be able to be placed into the mouths of patients, and this means that the treatment time is much less and so is the recovery time. They also require less interference with any bone or gum in the jawline, which is perfect for people who do not want major surgery. With less surgery comes less pain, and this is of huge benefit to Dr Paige Woods’ patients. Mini dental implants are also popular because they are less expensive as they are comprised of less titanium, and are therefore easily accessible to patients who may not otherwise have been able to afford the larger dental implants.

It takes an hour or less to fit a mini dental implant Dr Paige Woods explained to us, and that means that you could be in and out of her dental practice quicker than you could have imagined, with a gap in your teeth completely filled with a smaller, cheaper, and easier to receive mini dental implant. Why not discuss your ideas with Dr Paige Woods about having MDI, or mini dental implants?


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Understanding Lyme Disease at the Dentist

Systemic diseaseAnyone who has Lyme Disease will find that they have a flurry of different medical appointments throughout the year, and you may find that you start to get a little tired of having yourself poked, prodded, tested, and lectured by people – even though you know that they are only there to help you keep healthy! However, the last thing that most people with Lyme Disease then want to do is go to the dentist and have the same experience: poking and prodding, testing and diagnosing, and even more treatments. However, out of all the various medical experts that you will see for your Lyme Disease, it could actually be your dentist that makes the biggest difference to the symptoms you experience.

That is because Lyme Disease is a holistic problem; that is, one that affects your whole body. Almost every single one of your body’s systems will be affected by the Lyme Disease, and that means that even if you try to treat the symptoms in one area of your body, you could actually not be getting to the root of the problem unless you treat your whole body. When you visit a holistic dentist – that is, a dentist that treats the whole body too – then you have a natural ally, someone who will work hard with you, rather than lecturing you, to bring your Lyme Disease under control. It could be, in fact, that you get the most understanding of your Lyme Disease when you are at the dentist, rather than at the hospital.

If you want to be able to get the most from your dental visits then make sure that you tell your dentist that you have Lyme Disease. They will be able to bear this in mind when they examine you, and will help in their treatment decisions.

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The Covenience Of Same Day Dental Implants

For same day dental implants San Diego dentist Dr Paige Woods has been revolutionizing the way people are treated at their dentists. For years, dental implants have been a treatment option that has always taken at least two, if not three appointments with a dentist, and although for some people this does not feel like very many, there are on the other hand plenty of people who would greatly benefit from being able to have everything done in one go, such as people who live a little outside San Diego, or have children, or very demanding jobs where they cannot just take time off work frequently.

That is where same day dental implants come in. These are perfect for people who want to make the move from temporary dentures to permanent dentures, and that means that they can walk into their dentist’s consultation room with one set of teeth and literally walk out with another. This sort of dental treatment simply would not have been possible a few years ago, but we live in a modern age where people can have their smile changed in just a few hours.

After having a CT scan and an x-ray, a surgical guide is created that is purposefully designed for you, and no one else. All of the planning and hard work that is put in is done before you even step into the dental office so that all you have to do is turn up on the day! Whether you need any teeth taking out or any quick procedures to ready your mouth or not, Dr Paige Woods is able to do everything that you need to be able to walk out of the door with your new mouth. Having same day dental implants means that you can say goodbye to ill fitting and uncomfortable temporary dentures and smile hello to comfortable permanent dentures.


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When Might A Dental Implant Be Your Best Option?

When you have a gap in your smile it can really knock your confidence, even if it is something that you have lived with for several years. After all, the ideal smile doesn’t have any gaps and it can cause people to feel very self conscious, and even in some cases to avoid smiling at all because they do not want to feel embarrassed. For other people, having a gap can affect the way that they talk, depending on its location, and even the way that they are able to eat. That is why dental implants are so amazing, because they can immediately take your smile back to how it was before you lost the tooth, and all in one treatment procedure that is really simple.
Made of titanium and often covered in porcelain and so shaped and colored to match your other teeth, a dental implant is not a quick fix just to make a cosmetic change. These dental implants are strong and durable, and will happily sit in your mouth and perform like a normal tooth for many years. Only two appointments are needed in order to have a dental implant removed, and the first one is primarily about understanding your unique teeth and requirements. A full examination will be offered along with a mold so that your dental implant can be customised to your mouth, and it is in the second appointment that the dental implant is fitted.
If you are considering dental implants San Diego offers a wealth of different dentists who have a huge amount of experience in this area – though potentially none so popular as Dr Paige Woods, who has been offering this treatment to hundreds of patients who are astounding by the difference that filling that gap can bring to their smile. Why not give her a call, and make an appointment to discuss whether your smile could be changed by having a dental implant?


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What Is Crown Lengthening?

You may not have heard of crown lengthening, but it is a common dental procedure that is offered to patients by dentists for one of two reasons: firstly, because it can drastically improve the health of the gums of the patient which is essential if they have battled gum disease in the past, or secondly, because it is the perfect beginning to cosmetic surgery to ensure that absolutely everything will work out for the best possible looking result. There are many people who have what is called ‘gummy smiles’, which is a much larger proportion of gum to tooth ratio in their smile, and crown lengthening can address that balance if that is something that you want.

Local anaesthetic is all that is needed for crown lengthening so you do not have to worry about going under and spending any time as an inpatient. The length of time that your dentist will need in order to complete the procedure will greatly depend on exactly what is required, and how much damage, if any, there has already been to the gums. If there has been gum disease going on for a long time, and it has progressed and got very bad, then you may find that a relatively large amount of gum and tissue has to be removed, and as your dentist wants to make sure that they do this as carefully as possible, it may take a little while.

However long it takes, you will be amazed at the results that can be achieved through such a simple procedure as crown lengthening. For the best crown lengthening San Diego dentistry can offer, make sure that you book your appointment with the Brighton Dental San Diego. Their dental specialists have years of experience with patients of all ages and backgrounds, and would be happy to talk through your options with you.


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Complete Arch With Dental Implants – A Permanent Denture Alternative

Implant supported dentures may sound like a slightly complicated thing, but actually it is remarkably basic. Put simply, when a person needs dentures they can either have them as temporary removable dentures that they have to take out every evening, or have them as permanent fixed ones that never come out. The trouble with the temporary ones is that they can cause an awful lot of friction along the gum, causing chafing and sores that are remarkably painful. Permanent fixed dentures, on the other hand, do not have this trouble, but they have to be attached to something in order to prevent them from moving around. Some will attach them using crowns but these can be quite weak, so the strongest way to do is to attach them to dental implants.

If you are concerned about having to have six or more dental implants in order to make implant supported dentures work, don’t worry – dental technology has come a long way since then! There is now a method called All On Four, which means that you only need to have four dental implants in order for the entire denture to be supported, and in many cases a patient will already have one or two dental implants that their dentist can work with. This is much less complicated dental treatment compared to having several dental implants put into a patient’s mouth, and that means that there is not only much less healing that has to be done, but also that it is less painful, and much less expensive!

Implant supported dentures can return complete stability back to you when you thought you may have lost it forever, and without the hassle and pain that you may have expected. Why not make an appointment with Dr Paige Woods, a brilliant dentist who offers the All On Four treatment, to see whether or not you a suitable patient for the treatment?


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