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We Can Help You Heal Faster From Implants, Extractions And Surgery With Remarkable PRF Therapy

Perhaps you’re already convinced that we’re the best dental clinic for you. Or perhaps you’re not. Either way, we believe we can help any dental patient look, feel and function better – and that includes you. If you need an extraction, implant or dental surgery and are concerned about pain or slow healing, we can offer you something innovative and remarkable: PRF therapy.

Read on and you’ll learn more about how PRF – that is, Platelet Rich Fibrin – is making life better for dental patients who choose Brighton Dental in and Dr. Paige Woods.


PRF Makes Things Better

prf dental unitPRF is a natural, biocompatible, non-allergenic product that’s made from your own blood – so you won’t have a negative reaction to it. We draw a small amount of blood, spin it in a centrifuge into its components and bring out the fibrin – which is a substance that that’s already in your body to aid in healing. By refining your blood in this way, we create a concentrated fibrin product that we can put exactly where it’s needed.

How can PRF be used? At Brighton Dental, we have successfully used PRF therapy to:

  • Promote rapid healing of extractions
  • Help with osseointegration and soft tissue healing around dental implants
  • Speed recovery from reconstructive work, and
  • Assist with integration and success of bone grafts.

And our PRF unit doesn’t use bovine thrombin or chemical additives of any kind.


Learn What Everyone’s Talking About

You may have already heard about PRF therapy because it’s being discussed with regard to complex medical procedures, cosmetic enhancements and a wide range of medical, dental and plastic surgery procedures. Platelet rich fibrin therapy improves healing, supports the immune system and can help you heal quicker and better with fewer post-operative complications.

But what is fibrin? As you may know, your blood is actually clear. The red color comes from red blood cells. Blood also contains platelets, small cells that stop bleeding and promote healing. A French surgeon discovered that patients can recover quicker from surgeries when platelet-rich fibrin – a naturally occurring fibrous mesh – is applied directly to a surgical site.

The body would eventually get these healing components to the site anyway, but refining it from your blood and placing it directly at the site speeds up the process and therefore speeds healing. Plus, much more of the fibrin can be added in this way than the body would eventually use on its own to heal the site.

PRF therapy also includes growth factors from your own body – the so-called signaling molecules that help cells know what work needs to be done in a certain area. Both hard and soft tissue responds to this kind direct help in getting the right molecules to a surgical site, extraction site or dental implant.


Nothing’s More Biocompatible

We spend a lot of time making sure the materials we use in and on your mouth are biocompatible, and nothing is more biocompatible than something made from your own body – from a small sample of your own blood in the case of PRF. There’s nothing added, no chemicals needs and no worries because a centrifuge does all the work. What could be simpler or better?

At Brighton Dental, scores of San Diego dental patients and people from everywhere turn to us for holistic, biocompatible, sensible and gentle dental work – because they trust us. PRF is another trusted way of doing dental work better than ever before, and we fully embrace it at this San Diego dental practice. To learn more about PRF therapy, contact us now at 619-359-6569 to schedule your consultation.


Photos Show The Quality Of Work Dr. Woods Provided In Mexico

placed dental implantsDr. Paige Woods has joined other dentists in her mission work providing free implant services to underprivileged people in Mexico. The nation has a rampant problem with dental disease that leaves as many as 70 percent of citizens over age 65 with no or few teeth.

Photos Show Excellent Work

These photos may be hard to look at if you aren’t used to seeing medical and dental procedures, but they’re worth seeing because they show that Dr. Woods provides these pro bono clients in Mexico the same clean, professional work to modern standards that her patients at Brighton Dental in San Diego get every day.

dental implant xrayDental implant technology is perfect for patients with limited access to dental care because it’s a permanent solution to a long-term problem. While dentures can provide a semi-permanent option, loose or ill-fitting dentures can lead to problems speaking and chewing. That can result in a degeneration of overall health. And all dentures loosen over time as the dental ridge shrinks.

The Need Is Great

Dr. Woods devotes her time to this cause because the need is so great. Oral disease, according to statistics from the World Health Organization, is the 4th most expensive condition to treat in industrialized nations. new smile modelUnhealthy diets and tobacco usage contribute to the problem. In developed countries, as much as 10 percent of public health resources are devoted to dental care, but many nations devote very little or nothing at all.

Modern medications can also cause dry mouth, which leads to tooth decay and infection. There are more than 400 medicines that can cause dryness of the mouth. And in Mexico, dentists are likely to remove a damaged tooth rather than repair it, leading to a large number of people with missing teeth.

Implants, however, are a permanent, sensible solution, and Dr. Woods is part of the solution for the patients she treats in Mexico.


Dr. Woods Helps Underprivileged And Elderly In Mexico Smile Again

Mexico Implant DentistsDr. Paige Woods and her gentle dentistry extends farther than most realize through her charitable work in Mexico helping mostly edentulous patients with little bone for their dentures to hold on to them by placing implants that they can clip into. But her passion for providing dental implants to the underprivileged in our neighboring country isn’t just about restoring smiles. It’s part of a larger effort to restore dignity, proper function and the ability to maintain a healthy body to those without regular access to good dental care.

Much-Needed Work

The patients helped by our primary dentist at Brighton Dental San Diego during her trips to Mexico have lost all or most of their teeth for a variety of reasons – something that’s all too common in this nation that’s just a few miles away from the hundreds of dentists and dental clinics in San Diego.

Reversing The Trend

Research has shown that 60 to 70 percent of Mexicans over age 65 in their home nation have few or no teeth. The issue is even worse among the poor. Additional studies have shown that as many as 90 percent of Mexican citizens have untreated cavities and many have gum disease, both reasons for tooth loss.

You can depend on Dr. Woods and the Brighton Dental team for your oral health care needs – and thanks to this charitable work, so can some poor and elderly people in Mexico. Of course, one dental professional can’t solve the whole problem and neither can one organization, but Dr. Woods is doing her part and encouraging her colleagues to do their parts as well.

Life is good in San Diego, and life in Mexico is better for those who can eat and speak properly – patients who have something to smile about.

Teeth Are Fun: Eat, Straighten, Meet, Straighten, Enjoy!

Teeth Are Fun: Eat, Straighten, Meet, Straighten, Enjoy! Invisalign teeth aligners are different from attached metal braces because you can take them out – and eat what you want. You can also properly clean your teeth, go to that important job interview and pose for family photos with worrying about your aligners. It’s a better way to get straight teeth – and the process starts when you contact Brighton Dental in San Diego at (619) 359-6569 for your free dental and oral health assessment.

Teeth Are Fun: They Don’t Cost That Much, You Know

Replacing your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months means you’re eliminating built-up gunk and getting bristles that clean like they should, not limp ones that are tired and ineffective. If you’ve been sick or have oral health issues, replace even more often – because there’s no downside to a fresh, clean toothbrush. For a free oral health consultation to see how clean your teeth are, call Brighton Dental in San Diego at (619) 359-6569.


Teeth Are Fun: Reason 4 Is The Best One

Teeth Are Fun: Reason 4 Is The Best One For missing teeth, no solution is better for restoring the look and feel of natural teeth than dental implants. And they’re smaller and gentler than ever before. After the healing is complete, you pretty much treat an implant like a natural tooth. No special care is required. Are dental implants the solution you’ve been looking for? For a free oral health consultation, call Brighton Dental in San Diego at (619) 359-6569.

Teeth Are Fun: Shouldn’t That Be Your Job Too?

Teeth Are Fun: Shouldn’t That Be Your Job Too? We don’t mean you should become a dentist (but welcome to the field if you do). Instead, we mean you should work to make the world better by sharing your beautiful smile. If your smile isn’t so beautiful, don’t worry. Instead, take action. For a free oral health consultation to see how we can help, call Brighton Dental San Diego at (619) 359-6569.

Teeth Are Fun: And Contact Us If You Need Some Help!

Teeth Are Fun: And Contact Us If You Need Some Help! Everyone can brush and floss, but not everyone has better habits than their friends and family. Yet. You can change the habits of a lifetime and start taking better care of your teeth right now – for better oral health. Then call Brighton Dental at (619) 359-6569 for a free oral health consultation. We can fix the damage of the past and advise you on a healthier, better-looking future.

Teeth Are Fun: Why Do We Even Bother With This Text?

Teeth Are Fun: Why Do We Even Bother With This Text? The text is probably for search purposes or something. Because you certainly don’t need to read it. This meme says it all. We’re holistic dentists who want the best for your whole body, including your mouth. Let us tell you how you’re doing and discuss how we can help. For a free oral health consultation, call Brighton Dental in at (619) 359-6569.