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Teeth Are Fun: You’ll Thank Us, Really You Will

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Having good oral health is something to get excited about, and no matter what’s going on in your mouth, we can help – and then you’ll want to toast us for the miraculous achievement in your mouth. You might even be able to eat toast again once we’re finished, and it all starts with a FREE consultation at Brighton Dental in San Diego, available by calling (619) 359-6569.

Lyme Disease & Sugar

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Lyme Disease and Sugar

For people suffering from Lyme disease, it is often a big burden for them trying to cope with strict instructions on what they ought not to eat or do. The main downside about Lyme disease victims is that it fundamentally affects most of their body parts. The victim is technically unable to do anything to alleviate the consequences of the disease. The most a Lyme disease victim can do is to try control the diet they take. The unfortunate thing about choosing a diet is that the victim has to do away with most types of foods that would otherwise be delicious. Sugar is the main substance that Lyme disease victims find most challenging to overcome.

It is common knowledge that eating large quantities of sugar is likely to do harm. Dentists know this, and they will make it clear to Lyme disease patients and to any other patient. Victims of Lyme disease will be much more affected than a normal person by taking large quantities of sugar. In the interest of minimizing the impact of Lyme disease symptoms, victims must cut down on their sugar intake substantially. Some people will completely desist from sugar and products that contain natural sugars such as honey and fruits. Other people prefer not to indulge in drinks and foods that contain large quantities of added sugars.

The best advice a Lyme disease patient can get from a qualified dentist is to cut down on their sugar intake. This does not just mean eliminating some foods from the diet. It often means replacing foods with high sugar content with other foods that have better health benefits. It is difficult to remain fixated on the foods you are not able to enjoy. It is therefore important to have healthy food alternatives that you can actually enjoy and assist you in dealing with Lyme disease at the same time.

Effects of sugar

Sugar has the potential to suppress a person’s immune system and destroy their ability to resist infections. Anyone suffering Lyme disease must do all that is in their power to ensure their immune system is functioning optimally. Medical experts believe that, following the consumption of sugar, the immune system gets suppressed for between four and six hours. If sugar is consumed during the entire day this would mean that the immune system remains substantially suppressed and increases vulnerability to flus, colds, and additional opportunistic infections which tag along.

Bottom line is that sugar is not good for the health of any person. The sad thing is that sugar is contained in very many foods – more than we could imagine. You willl find sugar in peanuts, ketchup, mayonnaise, peanut butter, bread, and breakfast cereals. Most processed foods contain refined sugars. This is because sugary products are addictive. Giant corporations in the foods industry want to capitalise on the addictive nature of sugar to make money out of unsuspecting customers and food junkies.

A major sugar effect inside the human body is to increase the levels of insulin. Rising insulin levels causes the suppression of growth hormones as well as the immune system. Sugar will destroy the defenses of the body against disease. If anyone wants to fall sick easily, taking excess sugar is definitely the easiest route.



Teeth Are Fun: Floss Them All For Healthy Teeth And Gums!

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Dentists like dental floss a lot because it works to remove food particles that a toothbrush can’t reach when brush – and you can use dental floss to slice cheese too, so how great is that? Call (619) 359-6569 for a FREE consultation from Brighton Dental to see if you have serious dental issues you need to address.

Teeth Are Fun: Good Mouthwash Is Never A Bad Idea!

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Whether you’re going to the dentist, out on a date or straight to bed, rinsing with an alcohol-free mouthwash can make your mouth smell better and feel cleaner – and keep your teeth from getting cavities from decay. Call (619) 359-6569 for your free consultation with Brighton Dental, then swish and come on in for your free consultation.

Teeth Are Fun: Don’t Be Like 25 Percent Of Adult Americans

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Did you know that a quarter of adults in the United States have lost all their teeth – something that is often just as preventable as posting really busy, text-heavy graphics on social media? For serious help with your dental and oral health concerns, call Brighton Dental at (619) 359-6569 for your free consultation.

Teeth Are Fun: Getting Sick Isn’t Fun At All

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Gum disease can be a symptom — or a cause — of a wide range of health problems, but healthy gums are a really good sign of a happy body – and regular dental visits can help you keep your gums and teeth in check and your life on track. Call Brighton Dental at (619) 359-6569 for a FREE gum health consultation.

Teeth Are Fun: Teaching Flossing Gets You Big Smiles In Return

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As children become teens, it can be hard to get a smile out of them, but teaching brushing from an early age helps ensure that your kids have a beautiful smile to flash – when they will. Brighton Dental offers dental services for children and adults, and your FREE consultation is waiting when you call us at (619) 359-6569.

Is A Porcelain Fixed Bridge Right For You?

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Porcelain Fixed Bridges

When there are a number of missing teeth situated in one line, the other teeth will probably start shifting position slightly inside the mouth. This problem is quite common. The solution to this is quite simple. A dental bridge, otherwise known as a bridge, is a succession of some false teeth connected and placed into the gap present in the mouth.

Having false teeth may not be as convincing, although through dental technology the working of false teeth has been completely revolutionized. Today, many false teeth are manufactured from porcelain. In numerous cases it is not possible to differentiate false teeth from the actual teeth for reason that they are fashioned to purposely resemble natural teeth.

The most incredible way of fitting a bridge is by getting porcelain fixed bridges. Interestingly some bridges can be removed. This may seem like a good concept, but it contributes to the trapping of foods within the filling. Also, the excessive chafing and rubbing on the gum line is not healthy. Porcelain fixed bridges are perfect alternatives. A good dentist will carefully and perfectly produce fixed bridges that accurately fit into the mouth and get glued into position using some specialized medical glue. By so doing the fixed porcelain bridge will not move around the mouth or make you feel uncomfortable.

A good number of fixed porcelain bridges can be fitted in the mouth of a patient in the span of two dental visits. The first visit is aimed at establishing what is exactly needed through assessment and taking of a mouth model. The second visit is set aside for fitting the bridge. Provided adequate care is given to the fixed porcelain bridge and all instructions from the dentist are carefully followed, then the dental bridge is expected to last several years. Often a fixed porcelain patient may even forget that it is in their mouth.

Why get porcelain fixed bridges

The reason fixed porcelain bridges are popular is their resemblance to natural teeth. Dental bridges will last long and are durable. They might need to be replaced or get re-cemented to handle normal wear and tear. Some of the primary reasons fixed bridges are preferential include:

  • They help fill up missing teeth spaces.
  • They help maintain the shape of your face.
  • They shield the teeth that remain from shifting out of their normal position.
  • They restore the normal smile.
  • They restore speech and chewing abilities.
  • They are improved compared to removable dentures.

Actual Patient Results – Before & After
fixed bridge before picture fixed bridge after picture
Maintenance of porcelain fixed bridges

The process of maintaining these types of bridges is quite simple in actual sense. The point is treating the bridge the same way you would treat normal teeth. Brushing the bridges using fluoride tooth paste and a nonabrasive approach and regular mouth flossing is advisable.

Following the placement of fixed bridges, an appointment for follow-up purposes is scheduled to allow the dentist an opportunity to review their work and assess the reaction of the mouth to this treatment. Even when everything feels okay, the appointment is crucial to the good health of your teeth.

Teeth Are Fun: Are You Cleaning Only 66 Percent Of Your Teeth?

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Dentists push flossing because it’s a necessary part of complete dental hygiene – that reaches the one-third of your tooth surface you can’t reach with any kind of toothbrush. Call Brighton Dental at (619) 359-6569, and we’ll give you the full flossing speech (we have it memorized) when you come in for your FREE consultation.