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Teeth Are Fun: Slacking On Dental Hygiene Is A Bad Start

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Slacking off on dental hygiene because your morning is too busy and you’re too tired in the evening could start a downward spiral of worsening life problems – all because you didn’t brush and floss. Learn where you stand and what a dentist can to do help when you call (619) 359-6569 and then come in to Brighton Dental for a FREE consultation.

Teeth Are Fun: Great Teeth Are Part Of Your Best Possible Life

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Self-help gurus, fitness instructors, teachers, parents and everyone else may always be suggesting ways for you to live your best life ever – but that can be tough when your teeth and gums are getting worse and worse. Call Brighton Dental in San Diego at (619) 359-6569 for a FREE consultation – and get healthy between your lips.

The Increasing Popularity Of Adult Braces

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Benefits and Downsides of Adult Braces

Often braces are considered as more applicable among teenagers and children. Rarely do older people think they could use braces. Even people approaching their twenties only consider braces if they have never used them while younger or have gotten into an accident that damaged their teeth later in life. Unknown to many, however, there is an increasing number of adults making an informed decision to enhance the health of their teeth by wearing adult braces. Statistics are revealing this growing trend. 33% of all braces are worn in adult’s mouths.

Health risks arising from crooked teeth

Whatever the reason an adult needs braces, it is not advisable to allow orthodontic or dental problems remain untreated. Highlighted herein are some of the risks that could emanate from uneven teeth, overbites, underbites, poor jaw positions, and overcrowding.

  • Headaches
  • Facial pain
  • Irregular shape of tooth enamel
  • Bone and gum erosion
  • Rising periodontal diseases and tooth decay problems
  • Difficulties cleaning the teeth hence resulting to food accumulation and plaque between teeth
  • Jaw pain
  • The inability to properly chew food can result to gastrointestinal problems
  • Biting, speaking, and chewing problems
  • Earaches
  • TMJ disorders

Most adults think of braces as incredible alternatives for their long term dental health. In order to enjoy extended periods with improved physical and oral health, a few years with the occasional discomfort, expense, and awkwardness of braces are worth the wait.

Benefits of wearing braces

Braces are beneficial in many ways. Some of the advantages of wearing braces include:

Dental correction: Braces conveniently correct dental flaws such as protruding jaws and buck teeth. Braces are also used in aligning crooked jaws. It is said also that braces assist in the strengthening of gums with an objective of making it strong enough to hold teeth in position. Braces also help in the prevention of gap formation between teeth since it helps align each tooth into position. Eventually the teeth get properly aligned hence the brace wearer doesn’t have to contend with poor looking teeth.

Overall oral health: Generally the dental health improves with the use of braces due to their ability to realign teeth and give aesthetic value to the smile within a limited time of wearing them.

Disadvantages of braces

Wearing braces causes dental patients to endure pain and discomfort especially when they are being installed. The metal frame used in making of the braces inflicts some level of pain. The sensitivity of the teeth is propagated by the grinding metal frame used in brace making.

The embarrassment of wearing the braces as an adult cannot escape the wearer as well. There are new alternatives to metal braces. Ceramic braces and plastic braces are far more comfortable to be seen in than metal braces. This said, however, using metal braces is much more advisable because of their durability and ability to last for longer.

Some dentists have suggested clear braces invisible to human eyes. The option of having removable and fixed braces is also being explored.

Teeth Are Fun: Keep Smiling, Keep Flossing…

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Remember the old song “That’s What Friends Are For” from Dionne Warwick: “Keep smiling, keep flossing, knowing you can always count on me, for sure.” That’s not the exact wording, come to think of it, but we can show you exactly how to floss correctly when you come in for your FREE consultation with Brighton Dental in San Diego – so please call (619) 359-6569 now.

Teeth Are Fun: Don’t Miss A Scheduled Cleaning!

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Most people need a good teeth cleaning every 6 months, and missing one can make the next one take longer – and possibly lead to dental health issues that will have you wishing you had saved the date and saved your teeth too. Call Brighton Dental in San Diego at (619) 359-6569 for a free consultation and to schedule your teeth cleaning.

Teeth Are Fun: Eat, Enjoy, Brush, Floss, Repeat!

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We don’t mean to sound like your mother, but please remember to brush and floss after every meal or snack to prevent cavities, gum disease and bad breath – because you don’t want all that used food staying around. Regular checkups and cleanings get what you miss, and Brighton Dental in San Diego offers a free consultation when you call (619) 359-6569 – to get you started toward really clean teeth.

Teeth Are Fun: Do You Brush Every Time You Eat?

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Most Americans don’t brush after they eat, leaving food particles to decay in their mouths for hours – and that’s really gross, if you stop and think about it. If bad habits are causing you dental problems, putting things right starts by calling Brighton Dental in San Diego at (619) 359-6569 for a free consultation.

Teeth Are Fun: Brush Away The Stuff Of The Day

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Dessert may look good and taste great, but once it’s done, it’s done – except for your teeth, where sticky dessert foods can hang around for hours if you don’t clean it away. Brush, floss, shed the unwanted stuff from your day and then call Brighton Dental in at (619) 359-6569 for a free consultation to see where you stand on oral and dental health.

There Is Such A Thing As Painless Fillings?

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Painless Fillings

For the dental patients who have endured the agony of pain in past filling procedures and abhor the idea of getting another filling, the possibility of painless fillings is good news. The drill is often the main reason patients suffer pain during the filling session. With innovation in dental technology, there are new methods through which dentists can afford completely painless fillings and cavity treatment for their patients.

DIANOdent laser

This technology is being applied by many dentists with an objective of preventing the need for fillings. This is because the technology has made it possible to arrest tooth decay in its early stages of development rather than waiting for the decay to progress to a level where fillings cannot be avoided. It was almost impossible to detect tooth decay before the DIANOdent laser was innovated, especially where the exterior part of a tooth remained healthy. This is because in such circumstances there are no visible signs that something might be going wrong inside the tooth.

The DIANOdent laser has made it incredibly possible for dentists to forecast potential issues related to tooth decay. The laser has the capacity to identify the teeth which might have a problem. These teeth will then be treated using micro abrasions, a technique requiring no drilling so as to perform a filling. This is only possible when the decay condition is identified early enough.

Painless and safe laser

This equipment is pen shaped. It works by sending a painless and safe fluorescent laser light beam into a tooth. A numerical display coupled with an alarm is sent whenever there are signs of disguised decay. The DIANOdent laser technology is considered a lot more accurate compared to any other decay and cavity detection methods, especially in locations where it is hard to detect cavities, such as in fissures and pits on chewing surfaces where significant levels of decay emanate from.

The DIANOdent laser technology makes it possible to identify and treat cavities before any significant damage happens. Technology-driven dentists are now able to meticulously analyze and measure the health levels of teeth whenever a patient undergoes the test. It has also become possible to examine decay progression over time. With the DIANOdent equipment, the patient can enjoy complete comfort and is guaranteed of optimum safety from harmful radiation during examinations. This is a new and promising invention in dental defect diagnosis.

Functionality of the DIANOdent

This equipment works by sending laser light beams onto the surface of a tooth with the objective of detecting any defects on tooth structure. Through the process of dispersing of the laser light onto the surface, a defective tooth will exhibit fluorescence in proportions of the level of cavities it carries. A healthy and clean tooth structure will exhibit minimal to no fluorescence. This causes a low to zero reading on the DIANOdent’s numerical display.

Other benefits of the DIANOdent

  • Completely safe
  • Makes examination of questionable teeth easy
  • Dentists can treat defective teeth with more confidence
  • A cost-effective way of detecting decay
  • No scratching or pain characteristic in fillings
  • Noninvasive process of examining teeth
  • Zero exposure to radiations as would be with X-rays
  • Better accuracy compared to other tools of diagnosis
  • The results can be measured empirically