As a dentist, I want you to have beautiful, functional and pain-free teeth that serve you well. As a holistic dentist (also known as a biological dentist), I focus on treating you as a whole person. After all, your teeth are part of a whole body that’s woven together and connected by meridians, and a healthy respect for the way your teeth and mouth interact with the rest of your body is only logical.

An integral part of holistic dentistry is treating the emotional wellbeing of my patients as well. Many of us are now aware of the harmful chemicals released by fear in meat, so why would our own chemicals be any different? I am very conscious that most people have in many cases, justified fear of the dentist, but with a series of steps (including acupuncture, aromatherapy, and giving you control of when we start and stop), we can help alleviate dental anxiety, and establish trust, so the dental experience can be a positive one. In addition, we have many no-shot, no-drilling alternative methods that can provide a completely painless experience.

Aromatherapy Before Treatment

Whether you’re new to San Diego, new to biological dentistry, or are just looking for a change, I’m pleased to be here for you.

In addition to treating your teeth, gums, jaw and mouth, I advocate and promote the following additional principles that I practice and that I hope you will follow as well:

  • Eating only minimally processed and unadulterated foods when possible. This means plenty of fresh vegetable juices, cultured foods like pickles, kefir and kombucha and excellent-quality lean protein.
  • Practicing good mental and spiritual health by participating in yoga, meditation and other practices that support the health of the mind and spirit as well as the body.
  • Staying in control of overall health by asking questions of the medical practitioners who treat me and working only with holistic health professionals who have the best interests of my whole body in mind.

Perhaps it goes without saying that I also support the use of biocompatible dental materials whenever they’re available to prevent doing additional harm while maintaining your teeth. In fact, I run a mercury-free dental office, and a large part of what we do is amalgam replacement. I also use and recommend ozone-infuse water to prevent deep pockets in the gums, and preclude the need for surgery later on.

When you choose to become my patient, you can expect to always be informed about how your dental health issues interact with your overall health, including systemic diseases, heart pathology and more.

Holistic Solutions To Dental Anxiety

I admit that some dental practices of the past were savage. I don’t know how those dentists could do some of the things they found necessary to do to their patients. But things are much different now thanks to technological changes and better methodology. It’s absolutely possible for you to have a completely painless dental experience when you turn to me as your San Diego dentist.

Meridian Magnets To Ease Dental Anxiety

Here’s one way things have changed a lot: anesthesia. It isn’t as it once was. Patients were previously subjected to large needles that caused physical and emotional trauma. Fortunately, today’s needles are smaller than ever, and we apply a topical anesthetic before we deal with the needle, meaning you won’t feel the needle going in at all.

We also have ways to do many procedures that don’t involve any needles at all. I can often choose a laser, microabrasion unit or a drill with a low-heat electric motor that allows me to perform painless procedures without injections and often without any anesthetic at all.

When an injection is essential, I have powerful gels and pH-neutral choices warmed to the temperature of your body so the discomfort is so minimal you’d never call it pain. You probably won’t feel anything at all.

Communication is Key To Comfort

You can depend on me and my team of dental experts to avoid hurting you at all costs. We know that when we hurt you we lose your trust, and that doesn’t benefit anyone. That’s why we slow down to a pace you find comfortable, listen to your needs and concerns and truly take them into consideration. Then, we get busy solving your dental issues quickly and with as few hassles as possible.

I listen to you while I’m working on your dental issues too. Our communication rule for our patients is simple: if you want us to stop, just raise your hand. We’ll stop right away, ease your fears, deal with any discomfort or wait for you to catch your breath, then we’ll continue only when you’re ready. This simple rule helps release a lot of dental anxiety you might otherwise feel.

To make any procedure you need even easier for you, we tell you in advance exactly what we’re doing and why it’s necessary. Every chair has a television where we can show you with our intra-oral cameras exactly what is going on in your mouth. We really believe that knowledge is power – and that knowledge leads to acceptance and comfort. We want you to understand what we’re doing at every step of the way.

Laser Diagnostic Wand

We want you as our patient, so we won’t hurt you. I don’t want to do anything to damage a relationship with a client.

What Sets Our Holistic Dental Practice Apart

  1. We don’t do unnecessary work – we use laser diagnostics, 3D Scanners, Panoramic X-rays (when necessary), and intra-oral cameras to make sure to get the most accurate picture of your needs.
  2. We treat our patients with non-toxic, biocompatible materials.. we even make our own, 100% healthy dental paste for cleanings.
  3. We take the extra time, and use our unique set of techniques to ease dental anxiety and prevent unnecessary pain.
  4. Beautiful, cosmetically appealing results

A Few Words From Holistic Dentist Paige Woods 

As a holistic dentist in San Diego, I understand that dentistry has to be practiced alongside overall health and with attention to emotional well-being. And I can’t fully understand you and your unique physical, emotional and mental needs unless we get to know each other. I like to form strong bonds with my clients. Since you’re entrusting me your health, it makes sense that we should be well acquainted and have more than a distant professional relationship.

When you choose to visit my office, expect me to talk with you about the health benefits from various beverages like coconut water, the many dietary supplements that can benefit you and offer other advice. You might even get a hug.

I’m blessed and amazed to be able to express my passion for good health through my biological dental practice. While you may not have had entirely good experiences with dentists in the past, I hope I can change your impression of dentistry and change your overall health for the better. It’s possible when we work together. – Holistic Dentist, Dr. Paige Woods, DDS.

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Dr. Woods Lectures on Holistic Dental Techniques at UCSD



More About How Holistic Dentistry Benefits You

The basis for how my dental practice deals with patients is largely the result of research conducted by Dr. Weston Price, a dentist who promoted viewing a person’s overall health as one thing, not many separate things. This is how it is done in tribal populations around the world that are in better health than those of us in the so-called civilized world.

Dr. Price was anti-sugar and also noted that oral health is a strong predictor of overall health. Children with tuberculosis in his time, he observed, almost always had terrible tooth decay. This strengthened his attitude that oral health is connected in many ways with overall health.

Also called biological dentistry, natural dentistry or biocompatible dentistry, holistic dentistry owes much to Dr. Price and his groundbreaking research.

Here are some things that holistic dentists like me promote:

The connection between body and mouth. Recurring oral health and dental problems are often the result of bad nutrition, hormone imbalances and enzyme issues. In the same way, bad oral health also impacts the proper functioning of the organs and other bodily systems. The two things simply cannot be discussed or treated separately.

The importance of a sensible diet and exercise. There’s a big difference between today’s diet and the traditional diet of ancient cultures, and it makes sense that we should shift to a diet rich in local grains, seasonal produce and other healthy, whole foods. We should shift to unpasteurized milk, fermented foods and work to eliminate sugar from our diets in favor of honey and natural carbohydrates. And we should include raw foods. Of course, adding in some strenuous physical exercise helps mimic the harder lifestyles of our ancestors.

The elimination of heavy metals from dentistry. Old-fashioned amalgam filling material contains harmful mercury, yet it’s still in use in some places. That isn’t right, and I work to eliminate it from the bodies of my patients in favor of non-metallic composite filling materials and other safe, biocompatible restorations.

Amalgam Filling Replaced With Composit

Elimination of dental anxiety. It isn’t necessary to be afraid to go to the dentist, and holistic dentists like me work to eliminate the fear of dentistry every day by using gentle methods that are proven and pain-free.

Let Me Help You Meet Your Health Goals Holistically

Are you ready to come with me on a journey toward better oral and dental health as well as improved overall health? I strive to eliminate barriers to dental care and enhance the overall health of all my patients.

You can benefit from my expertise and experience dentistry in a whole new way. Why not join me in creating better bodies through better dentistry? When you become my patient, you’re becoming my friend and my responsibility, and I’ll take care of you – all of you.

Why not contact our office now to schedule an initial appointment or for answers to any questions you may have about biological dentistry? As the holistic dentist San Diego can trust and depend on, I’m here for you – whether you need a simple cleaning, oral health treatment or major restoration work.

Choose our San Diego holistic dental practice and benefit from a world of lessons I’ve learned about treating the whole person, not just its parts. When we work together and holistically toward better dental and overall health, you can look better, feel better and have a better life.

So please put aside your fears and contact us now for an appointment. It’s an important step toward getting your life on track toward great things.

Do you still have questions or concerns? Just give us a call at (619) 649-8040, we would be happy to help.