Biomimetic Dentistry As An Alternative To A Root Canal And Dental Crowns

Teeth are made to last a lifetime. However, without proper dental care, the teeth can become damaged. When a tooth decays or is damaged, dentists usually cut a lot of healthy natural tooth in order to accommodate a restoration. However, with advances in modern techniques, it’s now possible to be more conservative. Traditional practices of drilling and filling teeth with harmful materials are being replaced by biomimetic dentistry. This treatment aims at restoring and maintaining the tooth original structure, function and aesthetic. It’s carried out using advanced methods and biocompatible materials that are safer and much healthier.

Does Biomimetic Dentistry Prevent the Need for a Root Canal?inflamed root canal

Root canal treatment is a procedure that involves replacing the infected pulp of the tooth with a filling. The pulp is a tissue inside the tooth that contains nerves and blood vessels which provide nutrients and feeling to the tooth. The pulp’s main function is to regulate the growth of a tooth during childhood. Once a tooth is well established, it gets the nutrients from tissues surrounding the root; hence it can still function without the pulp. The pulp may be infected due to tooth decay, large fillings, trauma, or advanced gum disease. There are some instances where root canal maybe necessary; however, biomimetic dentistry is a better alternative.

Biomimetic dentistry limits the removal of healthy teeth thus reduces the necessity for a root canal. Dentists have found this type of dentistry to reduce the chances of a root canal by about 90%. The materials used are not only aesthetically pleasing but also safe. The technique used allows the material to dry properly creating a strong bond which prevents any leakage. Materials used during root canals or other fillings can crack and leak causing more complications and pain.

Does Biomimetic Dentistry Prevent the Need for Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a synthetic cap that is placed on top of a tooth. It’s typically used to restore a damaged tooth, prevent a cracked tooth from more damage, or after a filling. In order to accommodate a crown, a tooth may need to be reduced in size or some portion removed. Removing the excess amount of the tooth structure for a crown can cause irritation and inflammation to the pulp. This may necessitate a tooth removal or root canal. Crowns sometime crack, leak or fail since unlike natural teeth, they are not designed to withstand the pressure of chewing.

Biomimetic dentistry restores decayed and damaged teeth without removing any more of the tooth structures. It instead involves building and strengthening the remaining structure and sealing it off to prevent bacterial invasion. The treatment produces a healthier, stronger and long-lasting restoration that is not likely to cause more tooth damage.

Biomimetic dentistry is a less invasive procedure which significantly eliminates the need for dental crowns and root canals. As an alternative, it can help regain your tooth structure, function and aesthetic without having to worry about possible damage to your teeth.

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Understanding Biomimetic Dentistry

If you freak out at the mention of a root canal or placement of a crown over your tooth, then biomimetic dentistry is the best option for you. This well thought method of treatment is concerned with your oral health and therefore seeks to limit the excessive removal of good tooth structure and prevent the reoccurrence of tooth decay, disease, or damage. Therefore, with this treatment, you won’t require those overly-expensive dental restorations.

biomimetic dental treatment

The Difference between Biomimetic and Conventional Dentistry

Biomimetic dentistry differs from the traditional dentistry in several ways. These include:

The Restorative Dental Cycle is Avoided with Biomimetic Dentistry

The aim of most conventional dental practices like the filling of teeth and placement of crowns is to reinforce and strengthen a tooth that has issues. Unfortunately, this kind of treatment often harms the neighboring teeth. Sometimes a crown affects the teeth next to it, and this initiates a cycle of problems or transmission of issues throughout the mouth even to the healthy teeth. Apart from this, the conventional treatments dictate that part of the healthy teeth is removed.

However, in the holistic dentistry, this kind of cycle is stopped. Biomimetic dentists only remove the damaged part without touching your healthy teeth; then seals the tooth to protect it from decay and infections. The dentist also bonds the tooth to the healthy teeth to keep it strong. In addition, biomimetic dentistry only uses inlays, onlays, and other better alternatives to crowns and fillings. These resilient biomimetic materials are more durable and hence do not require replacements over time. And as a result, biomimetic dentistry has seen a very high success rate in breaking the restorative dental cycle.

Procedures of Root Canal versus Biomimetic Dentistry

Root canal treatment is a very delicate procedures performed in dentistry. Luckily, biomimetic dentistry can you avoid this kind of treatment. When treating a root canal, the dentist has to remove all the affected tissues and nerve, then fill and seal the tooth. The dentist then drills the tooth structure to create enough space for the placement of a crown.

In the biomimetic dentistry practice, on the other hand, the dentist does not remove the nerves. Once the tooth structure that is decayed is carefully removed, the dentist then seals off the nerve instead of removing it. This sealing ensures that no food particles or bacteria can penetrate hence prevents further damage or decay. The use of advanced techniques enables the dental work to function just like a natural tooth.

Our Biomimetic Dentistry Service

If you visit Dr. Woods, you will have a chance of getting a treatment that is highly preventive, cosmetic and restorative to your teeth. Dr. Woods uses this tooth conserving restoration technique to treat a number of issues without damaging the tooth structure. The procedures involved are less invasive, and the treatment preserves the teeth and gums.

Therefore, contact Dr. Woods today to get a safe, healthier, and less painful treatment that won’t compromise your tooth’s natural functioning and aesthetics.

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