What Is Crown Lengthening?

You may not have heard of crown lengthening, but it is a common dental procedure that is offered to patients by dentists for one of two reasons: firstly, because it can drastically improve the health of the gums of the patient which is essential if they have battled gum disease in the past, or secondly, because it is the perfect beginning to cosmetic surgery to ensure that absolutely everything will work out for the best possible looking result. There are many people who have what is called ‘gummy smiles’, which is a much larger proportion of gum to tooth ratio in their smile, and crown lengthening can address that balance if that is something that you want.

Local anaesthetic is all that is needed for crown lengthening so you do not have to worry about going under and spending any time as an inpatient. The length of time that your dentist will need in order to complete the procedure will greatly depend on exactly what is required, and how much damage, if any, there has already been to the gums. If there has been gum disease going on for a long time, and it has progressed and got very bad, then you may find that a relatively large amount of gum and tissue has to be removed, and as your dentist wants to make sure that they do this as carefully as possible, it may take a little while.

However long it takes, you will be amazed at the results that can be achieved through such a simple procedure as crown lengthening. For the best crown lengthening San Diego dentistry can offer, make sure that you book your appointment with the Brighton Dental San Diego. Their dental specialists have years of experience with patients of all ages and backgrounds, and would be happy to talk through your options with you.

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Complete Arch With Dental Implants – A Permanent Denture Alternative

Implant supported dentures may sound like a slightly complicated thing, but actually it is remarkably basic. Put simply, when a person needs dentures they can either have them as temporary removable dentures that they have to take out every evening, or have them as permanent fixed ones that never come out. The trouble with the temporary ones is that they can cause an awful lot of friction along the gum, causing chafing and sores that are remarkably painful. Permanent fixed dentures, on the other hand, do not have this trouble, but they have to be attached to something in order to prevent them from moving around. Some will attach them using crowns but these can be quite weak, so the strongest way to do is to attach them to dental implants.

If you are concerned about having to have six or more dental implants in order to make implant supported dentures work, don’t worry – dental technology has come a long way since then! There is now a method called All On Four, which means that you only need to have four dental implants in order for the entire denture to be supported, and in many cases a patient will already have one or two dental implants that their dentist can work with. This is much less complicated dental treatment compared to having several dental implants put into a patient’s mouth, and that means that there is not only much less healing that has to be done, but also that it is less painful, and much less expensive!

Implant supported dentures can return complete stability back to you when you thought you may have lost it forever, and without the hassle and pain that you may have expected. Why not make an appointment with Dr Paige Woods, a brilliant dentist who offers the All On Four treatment, to see whether or not you a suitable patient for the treatment?

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The Dental Implant Process

The longer that we live the more likely it is that we are going to experience more things such as losing a tooth. That could come through simple age, or decay, or an accident, or gum disease, but studies show that most of us will lose one at some point, and it is what you decide to do after that that will drastically change the way that you look, eat, smile, and laugh. Although you could just leave your mouth with an unsightly hole in your teeth, you could consider that the dental implants San Diego dentists such as Dr Paige Woods are offering to their patients could be a much better option.

Unlike the horrible Victorian times when patients would be offered a tooth from a street urchin that they had sold, in today’s dental surgeries you will instead be offered a completely artificial tooth, usually made from something strong and non-reactive such as titanium – a very strong and durable material that could mean your dental implant could last longer than your other teeth! When it is carefully fixed into your mouth by your dentist over two appointments, you will find that you’ll be surprised at how natural the tooth looks and feels. At first your dentist will need to take a mold of your mouth so that the dental implant can be made specifically for you and your needs, and it will also be made to look exactly like your other teeth – matching so well that other people may not be able to tell the difference.

Then at your second appointment, the dental implant will be fitted, and you will be able to smile without thinking about that awkward gap, and eat without having to tug on one side because you don’t have a balanced number of teeth. This is the small and simple dental procedure that can give you back your confidence.

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Lyme Disease and the Mouth

x-ray infected toothIt just takes a small bite of a tick, but Lyme Disease is so much bigger than a little rash and a small amount of scratching. Lyme Disease can affect an entire person’s system, and give them painful symptoms that can last for months, if not years. For some reason, many of those symptoms are often concentrated around the mouth area, and this can lead many individuals to think that they have some sort of dental infection, rather than realizing that they do in fact have something completely different wrong with them. So why does Lyme Disease always seem to get worse in the mouth?

Well, that is something that we asked Dr Paige Woods, from Brighton Dental, and she took the time to explain to us that unlike many other health problems, Lyme Disease can actually grow and feed from other infections in the body. This means that if there is anything else wrong with the patient, the Lyme Disease is going to capitalize on that and just get worse, and spread even further. When you team this up with the fact that the majority of people are walking round right now with gum disease, tooth decay, and plaque all in their mouth, you start to realize that people with Lyme Disease need to start paying a lot more attention to their dental hygiene.

As soon as you realize this, however, there is an immediate benefit: the quicker that you treat the infection problems in your mouth, the sooner that you can start to get your Lyme Disease under control. They are truly connected, so when one starts to get treated by Dr Paige Woods or another dentist from Brighton Dental, you will start to see a slow and gradual improvement in your Lyme Disease symptoms.

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Are Porcelain Inlays Right For You?

For the best porcelain inlays San Diego is the place to go. That is where you can find Dr Paige Woods, a highly respected dentist who has worked for many years offering the best porcelain inlay care for her patients, and many people who did not even realize that such a simple and painless treatment option was available to them. Anyone who has looked in the mirror at their teeth and wished that they had their teeth did not have those gaps in them because of previous tooth decay is the perfect candidate for receiving porcelain inlays, which are specially made porcelain items that are placed into those holes, filling them up, preventing any decay from getting in, improving the look and feel of the patient’s teeth, and often giving them back their confidence again.

In many cases, the patient had to have a large amount of their tooth removed due to decay many years ago, when porcelain inlays were not really a treatment option that had been invented. Nowadays however it is a standard procedure that is offered to people who have suffered tooth decay, and it is possible for people who never thought that they would be able to have their teeth restored to have their mouth feel whole again. Dr Paige Woods in particular has seen many patients come through into her consultation room for something completely different who were then astounded that there was something so simple and fantastic as porcelain inlays available to them.

It is not too much of an exaggeration to state that porcelain inlays really have changed the lives of many patients. If you think that you may be a good candidate to receive porcelain inlays, then do not lose any time: make sure that you book an appointment with Dr Paige Woods to discover whether or not porcelain inlays could benefit you.

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What’s Involved In Having a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns and caps are often something that a person becomes nervous about, because they assume that it is going to mean a lot of dental surgery, pain, and discomfort – when in fact, in many cases that could not be further from the truth! Dental crowns and caps are used by dentists as a tool to prevent further deterioration of the tooth in the future, and so will save the patient discomfort and pain, as this is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy tooth. When you consider dental crowns San Diego residents should think about Brighton Dental San Diego, a renowned dental practice full of dentists who have years of experience of giving their patients expert dental crowns.

So what is involved in having a dental crown? For a start, your dentist will need to give you a full examination to understand exactly what is going on with your tooth, and then they will start to find a porcelain style that matches. Unlike decades ago when dental crowns used to stand out a mile away, it is now possible to have dental crowns made up in porcelain, and shapes and colored to look exactly like the actual tooth, and the teeth around it. Although porcelain is not indestructible, if you look after it properly then you will find that it can last many years without you having to think twice about it, as long as you are brushing your teeth properly and following good dental hygiene.

In most cases, you will only need to have two dental appointments to have your dental crown fitted. After all of the mold has been removed from the tooth, a mold will be taken so the dental crown can be made uniquely to fit you, and then at a second appointment you can walk out with a beautiful new smile.

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What Are Composite Fillings?

Most of the time when a person experiences severe, or even a continuing dull pain in their mouth, it is due to tooth decay. Sometimes it is a fracture in a tooth that has allowed the infection to get in, and sometimes it is just something like hairline crack. Perhaps you have had a tooth that has already had a little decay in it, and despite having that decay removed it has come back. However it happens, many people will come to a point where their dentist recommends composite fillings.

Although dental fillings have been around for many years, it is only with new dental technology that dentists are able to offer composite fillings. The key difference is the material that is used to fill up the hole in the tooth; composite material is all natural and does not come with any of the safety concerns that mercury fillings do, and even better composite materials can be made to look exactly like your other teeth. In many cases, it is not possible for the untrained eye to be able to tell what is a composite filling and what is just a normal tooth.

Further benefits of receiving a composite filling include the fact that composite fillings are very strong and durable, and can last many years – sometimes even up to a decade if they are looked after properly. After some initial sensitivity after receiving the composite fillings has disappeared, you will be able to use your composite filling just like a normal tooth, so make sure that you look after it.

For the best in care when it comes to composite fillings San Diego dentist Dr Paige Woods is highly recommended. Make an appointment with her to discuss your unique situation, and see whether or not composite fillings are a good choice for you.

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Is A Porcelain Fixed-Bridge Right For You?

When you have several missing teeth that are all in a line, you can start to notice that your other teeth start to shift around your mouth. This is a common problem, and it has a simple solution: having what is called a ‘bridge’, or a dental bridge, which is a series of false teeth that are connected together and slot into the gap that you have in your mouth. False teeth may not sound very appetising, but in fact dental technology has completely transformed the way that they work, and today you will find that they are made of porcelain, and in many cases cannot be told apart from natural teeth because they are made to look purposefully like your other teeth.

The best way to have a bridge fitted is to have a porcelain fixed bridge. Some bridges can be removed, and although this may seem like a good idea, it actually leads to food getting trapped within it and a huge amount of rubbing and chafing on your gum line. The alternative, the porcelain fixed bridge, means that your expert dentist – such as someone from Brighton Dental San Diego – will be able to delicately and carefully created a fixed bridge that perfectly fits your mouth, and then glue it into place with special medical glue. Then you won’t have your porcelain fixed bridge moving around your mouth and being uncomfortable.

Many porcelain fixed bridges can be fitted into a patient’s mouth with just two dentist visits: one to establish exactly what is required by taking a mold of your mouth, and a second for the dental bridge to be fitted. As long as you take good care of it and follow your dentist’s instructions, then your dental bridge should last years – and sometimes you may find that you completely forget that it is in your mouth at all!

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Cavitations and Lyme Disease

X-ray Cavity

Most people know cavitations as cavities, but they are basically the same thing: a hole in a tooth where decay has got in, and it always needs to be sorted by a dentist. Although many people will experience having a cavitation at some point in their lives, there are some people who are much more predisposed to having them, and people with Lyme Disease definitely fall into that category. It is very possible that someone with Lyme Disease could suffer from three or more cavitations during their lifetime, and in some cases the individual will have them all at the same time.

At Brighton Dental, every dentist there is fully trained to be able to support, diagnose, and treat a patient who has a cavity, and Dr Paige Woods in particular takes an interest in helping those patients who have Lyme Disease. This is because she knows that cavitations are hugely problematic for the immune system, which is something that anyone with Lyme Disease is going to be particularly concerned about. Their health is greatly affected by things such as cavitations and so they may also have symptoms and side effects of the cavitation which they are not even are aware are really connected.

The best thing for someone with Lyme Disease to do is make sure that you go and have a dental check up every year, or even every six months if you want to make sure that you do not have a cavitation developing. The quicker that you can have an expert such as Dr Paige Woods look at your teeth and detect a cavitation, the less damage will be done to your teeth and immune system, and the sooner the treatment plan can be put into place – essential for anyone also battling with Lyme Disease.

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