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Teeth Are Fun: Start The Day Off With Clean Teeth (And Dental Picks)

Do you brush your teeth before or after you eat breakfast? If you’re dining out or running late and can’t brush right away, dental picks can remove the worst offending particles until you can clean your teeth right. For a free oral health consultation to see if you’re doing all you can for your teeth, call Brighton Dental in San Diego at (619) 359-6569.

Teeth Are Fun: Some Things Should Always Be At The Ready!

Just as you always keep lipstick around for a touchup and have an energy bar in your purse for those little emergencies, you should always keep dental picks at the ready for those minor dental situations where something’s stuck and needs to do. When you need a bit more help with your teeth, call Brighton Dental San Diego at (619) 359-6569 for a free oral health consultation.

Teeth Are Fun: Keep Yours By Wearing A Mouth Guard When Playing Sports

The best mouth guards are custom-made by your dentist to precisely protect your teeth, but a store-bought mouth guard is a lot better than nothing at all. If something happens to a tooth while playing sports and you have other facial trauma too, call 911 or visit an urgent care facility. For an oral health consultation on a less urgent basis, call Brighton Dental in San Diego at (619) 359-6569.

Teeth Are Fun: Your Teeth Are Unique To You, So Try To Keep Them

There’s no other set of teeth just like yours, so what you have is a mouthful of one-of-a-kind treasures. Do everything you can to keep them – and keep them healthy – by brushing, flossing and seeing a great dentist. For a free dental and oral health consultation with Dr. Paige Woods, call Brighton Dental in San Diego at (619) 359-6569.

Teeth Are Fun: Extractions Are The Way To Go When A Tooth Has To Go

We don’t like teeth extractions any more than our patients do, but sometimes it’s the right course of action – especially if a tooth is broken or too badly decayed to repair. And an extraction is a cure for the pain and infection that you may have. Learn what we can do for you during your free oral health consultation with Brighton Dental in San Diego. Call (619) 359-6569.

Teeth Are Fun: Teeth Can’t Really Be Replaced, But…

For every dental health situation, there’s a solution. If you’ve been neglecting your teeth so long that dentures are necessary, we can help with those – or modern dental implants and implant-supported dentures. There’s a world of options available, and it all starts by calling Brighton Dental in San Diego at (619) 359-6569 for a free consultation.

Teeth Are Fun: Don’t Blame It On The Kids!

If the candy in your house keeps going missing, don’t blame the kids because it’s probably your spouse who ate it all – or maybe it was you. All that sugar can do a number on everyone’s teeth if you don’t brush, floss and get them checked regularly, so call Brighton Dental in San Diego at (619) 359-6569 for a free oral health consultation to see where you stand.

Teeth Are Fun: Prevent And Get Rid Of Stains For Beautiful Teeth!

Prevent stains if you can, brush and floss after meals to remove staining foods right away and consider using diluted hydrogen peroxide to maintain good oral health and bubble away minor staining – then see a dentist, not some spa in the mall, for professional teeth whitening. Learn more and get a free dental health consultation from Brighton Dental San Diego by calling (619) 359-6569.

Teeth Are Fun: Reinsert A Knocked-Out Tooth For A Chance To Save It!

Teeth are living things that die outside the body, so rinse and reinsert a knocked-out tooth if possible and get to a dentist within 30 minutes if you want to save it. If you’re teeth are all in place but look so bad they could fall out, contact Brighton Dental in San Diego at your leisure at (619) 359-6569 for a free consultation to see what can be done.